Become a Superhuman


Recommended 20 – 35 years / 2 Meetings

This program will help you redefine your limits in order to access an extended potential.

For Athletes, Influencers, Actors, Physical Endurance, Climbing Mountains People.

This program will help you redefine your limits in order to access an extended potential.

The Super-Human Program aims to push your limits in order to increase your energy, your vitality and your capacity for mental and physical effort.

Blending psychological work with physical techniques in a hormetic manner, Alex will show you that your mental limitation is the only thing that keeps you from performing beyond the usual human power.Β 

A plant based diet and the reduction of processed food, along with starting using different super-food elements and healthy fasting to support your increasing efforts, is also part of the method.

Going in Nature, spending enough time in natural light and outdoor environments, while developing an internal force, will contribute to your new attitude of supporting a super-natural stamina. Studies proved that exercise slows age-related processes within our cells, which can benefit the brain as well.Β 

Who is Alex:

After he traveled in 61 countries, made contact with 13 cultures and religions across the world, he learned from dozens of masters, specially, old recipes, the most nutritive substances, ways of cooking, andΒ  finally, how to raise lifespan, he created 120Years.Life for Performance in Longevity and Ways of Natural Cure Healing


Every food decision for Health and Longevity can be improved.
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